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Pauline Douglas

Inner Quest


It's All An Illusion!
So we might as well make it ... a good one.

The ultimate question for most human beings is: "How do I achieve happiness, health and wealth?"  
This website is about Intuition and how it impacts our lives in ways we have forgotten.

The Inner Quest

It's All An Illusion so we might as well make it a good one...
Science tells us that the entire Universe boils down to two factual states of existence  -  Nothing (Space) and Agitated Nothing (Matter).  So if this is the truth, where on Earth does this leave us Homo Sapiens?

A Swirling Mass of Agitation?

Some still believe that Intuition is a paranormal ability for 'gifted' people or an evil activity of 'heresy'.

This is 2023 a world now in crisis, there is no room for misconception!  Understanding Intuition offers the tools to bring about peace to the global mind, beginning with our-self.

Intuition affects all of us, every day of our lives.

Intuition is an instinctive intelligence, far smarter than our trained intellect and plays a bigger role in the condition of our health, wealth and relationships than most of us realize.

Intuitive Technologies, which are woven into all of these works, assist by developing our "Instinctive" or "Intuitive" self through powerful, life changing Psycho-Dynamics.

We learn how to empower our intuition; prevent our intellect from sabotaging our efforts; and discover how to turn our feelings and emotions (good and bad) into an atomic power source, to become powerful in all aspects of our work and relationships.

Changing your life starts with a decision.

If you are interested to learn more about intuition and intuitive technologies, you can do so by visiting the free article 'What are Intuitive Technologies?'   Click Here

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Enjoy your stay today.

Pauline Douglas Inner Quest 2022

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