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About The Inner Quest
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About The Inner Quest

There Are Only Two Choices In Life ...   

Wake Up or Remain Asleep! 

But,  how do you know if you are in an Intuitive Sleep? 

 Intuititive Sleep is recognised by the negative feelings and emotions usually brought on by conflict in relationships or the inability to attain something desired. 

The Inner Quest Intuitive Technologies were initially developed over a 10-year period ranging from 1995 to 2005,  a time of desperately needing to understand life.  

They say, “ask the question and the teacher will show up” 

 The Universal Teacher  

The Universal Teacher did show up, in the way that is never fair or pleasant.  Life crashed in the hardest and cruelest way, taking away that which was loved the most. 

This is usually how the Universal Teacher works, by smashing our reality to oblivion.  We are left no choice other than to “wake up” to the illusion, by undertaking a quest for personal understanding and empowerment, or committing ourselves to a life sleep of failure, illness, and misery.   

Buddhist Monks have a saying “Congratulations you have suffered, now you can grow.” 

  Understanding is Power    

Intuitive Technologies were not easy to accept in the beginning, because of the belief that the intellect was the greatest asset.  

Recalling the days of first being introduced to Intuitive Philosophies, the whole thing had seemed rather odd, unbalanced, weird, for the fairies (as father would say) or the seriously deluded. As you awaken, you will meet some who are not grounded, some experiencing what we describe as Psychic Psychosis, with concepts that should cause alarm. This just means they (or you) have not come through to the other side yet! 

The willingness to look into and know yourself is extraordinary power. 

You are invited to learn about this powerful world in a grounded and logical fashion.  

One crazy day after making the decision to just jump in, the Inner Viking presented himself, the guy who had been modifying my personality to be strong, invincible and unbeatable (but a complete asshole at the same time). 

Freedom came from recognizing and embracing him, turning him into a champion and learning how to shut down his natural desires to control the world, reap revenge, blast out hate and pillage opponents.   Also learned where he came from and about his converse personalities of anxiety, fear and patheticness.  

Advanced Seekers and participants, whom have been on an escalation of personal development for some years, will be interested to take the final steps of removing barriers between themselves and their calling. 

It is a privilege and joy to share this knowledge.   

 Inner Quest is a set of tools that help us wake up in our own way, at our own pace, in our own time. The learning is absolute and will not filter away as most self-development often does. 

The facilitators journey is not relevant to your path. 

The Quest Never Ends

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