Pauline Douglas Inner Quest

Pauline Douglas Inner Quest

The Hoax

When I am down, depressed and feeling like the worthless human being that my psyche would have me believe at times ...   I often reflect upon an empowering story that I was told some decades ago by Brian Tracy ... (which has probably been modified and embellished over the years, but the essence remains ) ..."  


The Hoax  

An Experiment was conducted upon a group of teachers and students in a US School somewhere in the past ...  

Firstly, they gathered about 20 seemingly "hopeless" kids, that came from the type of family that most of us would expect a child to be "hopeless" from, such as drug addicts, alcoholics, low income etc.  

They brought these children together into a group, where it was explained that the reasons that they were not getting ahead at school, was because they were "special" kids and in fact had super IQ's that required special attention by a "special" type of teacher, qualified to deal with genius kids.

They then approached the parents to inform them about their undeveloped Super Kids.

The second part of the experiment was to select a "Hopeless Teacher", one who had had a history of a lack of results with school children in general. They informed this teacher that because of his exceptional teaching abilities, he was wasted in regular school and would be of better service to the community by applying his "unique" teaching style to "special" children, and there just happened to be a group available.

The Experiment had a profound effect upon the belief structures of the children and teacher - and as the story goes, they not only outperformed their former classmates, but outperformed the State ... "

The moral of this story is:

  • Surround yourself with those who boost your character, not destroy it!

  • Feed your mind with positive data and move away from the negative ...

  • Play hoaxes upon yourself and others every day!

Every success!