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The Miracle of Expanded Breathing.
By Pauline Douglas Inner Quest

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Technology of Breath

The Miracle of Expanded Breathing.

Expanded Breathing is an ancient practice that has resurfaced in modern times to become one of the most mysterious yet powerful healing modalities.  It is an essential part of body, mind and spirit health. 

Breath Energy Awareness

Expanded Breathing, also known as Breath Work, Chi Breath, Extended Breath, Re-birthing or Breath Integration, was originally an offshoot of Yoga, where Prana Breath is still an integral part of that Philosophy.  

Expanded Breathing as a dedicated practice has gained an increasing global following over the past three decades.  

The simplicity of the ritual is easily brushed off as "just breathing".  e.g.,   I do not need this, I get my breathing from exercise ,  but expanded breathing is quite different to regular breathing, as it incorporates the channelling of the "chi-energy" with the breath.

Expanded Breathing is all-encompassing, by assisting psychological well-being and mind expansion;  maximizing body health and aiding recovery from illness; and tapping into universal energies for higher IQ.   Expanded Breathing enhances the operation of the brain, improving memory, widening consciousness and is considered by serious practitioners to be a source of genius. 

Expanded Breathing is considered an integral part of Intuitive Health and becoming an Intuitive Healer, if that is your path.

The Importance of Extended Breathing

Breathe is our life force.  It is something we take for granted and we have lost some essential ancient knowledge around breathing. 

Air enters our lungs where oxygen is fed into our blood, which in turn activates the vital kinetic energy that our cells and neurons use to communicate with each other and the Brain.  Daily stress, anxieties and activities from exercise or work, can cause us to tighten various parts of the body, hindering the blood flow to essential organs.

Humans also tend to instinctively shallow breathing when holding back emotion, further reducing the amount of oxygen getting into their blood stream.  

A good example often quoted throughout Inner Quest: 

"Tighten your fist for a few minutes, see what happens to your hand. It will likely go white due to lack of blood flow and if left this way for an extended period, would go black, then wither and die.

Stress, anxiety and poor breathing does the same to our body as we end up walking through life as a block of cement, aging faster and acquiring numerous ailments as the body breaks down. " 

The Practice of Expanded Breathing

Expanded Breathing involves gentle, but extended inhalations and exhalations being conducted in a motionless "relaxed but aware" state for extended periods, usually between 30 to 60 minutes. The procedure bathes the blood and body in a higher level of oxygen, more than normally experienced each day.

The flow of blood speeds up, increasing the kinetic charge (electrical magnetic field also known as magnetism) boosting the ability of cells and neurons to communicate with each other and the brain.

Expanded Breathing works on the premise that cells and neurons contain their own unique intelligence and oxygenating will assist them clean up known and unknown issues within the cellular structure, bringing the body and mind back into mint condition, without involving any head work from the intellect.

White Energy (Chi)

White Energy (also known as Prana, Chi, Spirit or just Energy) is the secondary energy that travels with the breath.

White Energy can be separated from the breath and redirected in, around and out of the body to further support the intuitive communication of organs within the body. This is known as "Channeling".  This is the energy used by Reiki and Magnetic Energy Healers. 

Expanded Breath and White Energy Channeling can be conducted alone by using a meditation guide like The Breath Energy Meditation connected to this site, or with a Breath Work Practitioner who will essentially help you to maintain awareness (not fall asleep) and manage your safety through the astonishing healing results of Extreme Expanded Breathing Sessions.

This meditation is excellent for reconnecting your cellular structure and teaching yourself the Art of Magnetic Energy Channeling. 

Note:  For Expanded Breathing it is important to remain aware and not allow yourself to sleep,  which can happen as a form of resistance as your body re-learns breathing. 

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