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Knock Knock

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An Ode to The Great Australian Knocker.
By Pauline Douglas Inner Quest

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Knock Knock

An Ode to The Great Australian Knocker. 

"Knock Knock"
"Who's there?"
"Knock Who?"

You don't need me to tell you!
You're pretty good working that out all by yourself!

Each country is known for its preferred negative trait.

The English whinge, Americans brag, Europeans ignore ... whereas Australians are a right bunch of Knockers.

Come up with a great idea and you can lay odds that someone will be close by, ready to knock it.  We Australians make a fine pastime of knocking the ideas of our friends, family and business associates.

Knock Knock ~  the  famous and wealthy.

Venturing out to become wealthy or famous is rarely a joy for many Australians. Most celebrities and business entrepreneurs discover the hard way, that their successes will not be celebrated with them, but more so against them.

It is a great Australian tragedy that our winners will be bagged for their successes, their looks, their abilities and even their dress sense.

Knock Knock ~ the Business Baggers.

Carrying the weight of knockers in business can be unbearable. Attempting to enact change or improvements is a nightmare, especially if the knockers have decision making powers.

"They can't do that ... those ideas suck ... man that's ridiculous ... "

Knocking literally destroys the chance of growth ...

So why do we tolerate knockers?

Knocking is fundamentally a bad case of tall poppy syndrome ... i.e. a total discomfort with another's success.

Knockers gained their knocking persona as children, through the knocking traits of their parents and peers. Depending upon the positive influences surrounding the child, if there was nobody in the group to state emphatically that knocking was a negative trait, then for a kid it was a survival thing - knock or be knocked.

Sadly knocking kids is probably one of the single most destroyers of their characters, and they grow up into big knockers.

Knockers kick around with other knockers in knockers clubs!

The ultimate pastime is a good gas between knockers at a knockers party. NOTHING will be spared across the bar-b-q, as they systematically bag everyone from entertainers to politicians; cars to movies, friends to family.

Knocking is so tiresome ... so low brow ... so boring!

... and we can always rely on how they will speak about us in the way they speak about others!

Good news, not all Australians are knockers!

Powerful people work hard to eliminate their traits of knocking. If they don't have a positive thing to say, (and that does not include constructive criticism) they keep their mouths firmly closed, and move swiftly away from others who don't.

Powerful people are competitive ... but we will never hear them bag their competitors. They recognize competitors as access to their own improvement, and a force to be respected.

Knocking can be an effective form of modern Voodoo, eroding the spirit and confidence of the recipient ... but knockers do more damage to their own psyche whilst they continue the trait. Negative expression and traits reside in the cells of their mind and body, eroding their mental, spiritual and physical health.

Could you trust a Knocker?

Knocking is one great Australian pastime, powerful people can do without!

Well ~ Think about it! 

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