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Laws Of Attraction

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Laws Of Attraction

May Those Without Sin - Fire First Bullet

I recall as if only yesterday, on a day nearing the final weeks of the Christopher Skase demise, sharing lunch with three business associates. The entire luncheon was spent discussing the supposed lack of integrity and dishonesty of Skase.

There was little mercy around the table on that day and have often reflected on the meeting and of those who were involved.

One male was juggling several clandestine relationships, whereas the other male was running a company illegally whilst in bankruptcy.  Even the female bragged jokingly about how she was cheating her clients.  

Based upon the laws of attraction, we are mostly comfortable with, or attracted to, people like ourselves ...  so why is it we often get stuck around those we do not share the same values?

If you are interested to discover what kind of person you are, you simply have to check out those people whom you spend most of your time with ~ willingly  ...  or unwillingly.

What is the Attraction Exactly?

It's all about vibrations really - in an intuitive sense, how like attracts like.

In most cases:

  • The rich are uncomfortable with the poor ..
  • The honest despise the dishonest ...
  • The angry cannot stand the peaceful ...
  • The weak cannot bear the strong ...
  • The healthy avoid the unwell ...

and vice a versa.

Humans can appear to be very different on the surface, but it is fundamentally the shared underlying emotional realities and belief systems, that we are attracted to in another person.

Confidence - which is a bountiful vibration in it's most potent force, is brought on by the feelings of personal control.

"The Zone" is the space where everybody likes us, everything goes right, we have nothing to hide and we feel positively invincible.

Then there are a myriad of other "Yuk Zones" (for want of another name) that deteriorate our confidence into a series of negative emotional states, ranging from anger to fear, guilt to shame.

As a bunch of wandering magnets, who are more sensitive to the variation of frequencies than most of us realize, our "Neuro-Linguistics" are the silent conversations that our frequencies emit to those around us ...

"Hey I'm just like you ... pick me pick me"

Often lifes emotional set backs can be responsible for our new attractions  -   for example a failure in a relationship or loss of a business or worldly goods could plummet our self worth into the abyss.

Which is how our chemistry guides us towards those who bear the same unconscious belief systems and temperaments that we do ...  a real trap if you are attempting to become the best person you can, but you are related to (or working with!) Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

Misguided Tolerance and Powerful Choices.

Embracing our adult allows to begin making powerful choices and move away from powerless relationships.

Decide what principles you intend to live by to get into "The Zone" and give up on the other ways that keep you out of it ...

Do not be afraid to hang out with those you wish to be like ... because the others probably can't stand you anyway!

Well think about it ... 

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