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Projected Energies

An Aged American Indian Medicine Man
In the early years of discovering intuitive technologies, our group would welcome Esoteric Speakers from all ove​r the world.

One speaker, who has never left my mind, was visiting from America, a full-blooded Red Indian who had come to share his Spirit Medicine knowledge of the American Indigenous culture.

An Essay about Positive and Negative Energies 

He was much older than regular speakers, would not have been a day younger than 94, or so it seemed. 

They assisted his white haired, stooped frame up to the stage where he was then helped to take his seat on a podium chair.  Seriously wondered how this frail gentleman was going to be able to address his audience for sixty (60) minutes.

He began slowly and quietly.  He was a well-known author and speaker to this audience, who were quick to begin projecting adulation towards him as they hung off his words.

It was astonishing to observe him grow in stature and voice strength, becoming almost thirty years younger in a space of just a few minutes.  Before us now was a strong, inspired speaker who could be heard by all without a microphone.

The Power of Positive Projection 

This was the first experience of witnessing how Positive Energy Projection increases the energy field (aura) and power in the recipient.

Energy Projection is how we cast energy to another individual or group, in this case it was the loving White Energy also known as White Light, Prana, Spirit etc. White Energy is considered to be the purest and most finite energy of the spectrum and the frequency of unconditional love. This is also the healing energy.

White Energy feels like Babies, Puppies and Kittens.    White Energy despite its perceived gentle persona, is the strongest frequency on the spectrum and can stop Negative Energy Projection in its tracks. 

Simply by re-imagining your recipient or opponents as adorable in some way (e.g. as a baby, puppy or kitten) is an astonishingly simple but effective way to cancel out confrontation in the moment.

There are exercises in the Program: Do You Voodoo to test this concept out with another person or group.    

Healers learn to channel the white energy through their hands, fingers or eyes, for healing.  The most well known form of energy healing in modern times is Reiki.

Orange Sexual Energy 

White Energy is not the only spiritual frequency that we throw about.  

Many confuse the heightened energies of Passionate or Romantic Love with Love in general, but these energies are a lower frequency than White Energy, being triggered by varying levels of sexual energy. Sexual Energy is a primeval ‘desire’ energy, closely related to 'need' that steals more energy than projecting. 

Also known as Needy Love, Orange Sexual Energy is the result of hormones rising in the system to cause heightened emotions and feelings.   Despite being a delightful, highly inspiring and very addictive energy, it is also quite draining to all involved.   

Some of the best ideas, songs and writings are created in the state of Romantic Love, this is called Sexual Transmutation. Will write about more about Sexual Transmutation in a dedicated Essay

 Orange Sexual Energy feels like an “infatuation”, "urgency" or “obsession”.  

Orange energy can be so powerful that it can take command over the mind and body, resulting in confusion,  uncertainty, uneasy thoughts and weird behaviors. These energies can be the seat of extreme jealousy, obsession, sex addiction or perversion.

 Intuitive Technologies state that sexuality is given to us for 3 reasons 

  • Reproduction 
  • Human Bonding
  • Healing (Emotional Release)

 Sexuality is not Love, it is a Need, therefore selfish in attainment. 

Many relationship issues result from misunderstanding or misusing these energies.  

The Success Bug

When Energy is hurled by an audience to performers, the entire stadium becomes an electrical circuitry.  

Energies can vary, for example Ballet, Opera and Classical Music concerts would receive a higher frequency appreciation ranging from White to Yellow Energies.   Sports Stars, Motivational Speakers and Rock Stars are more likely to be hit by high voltage Orange Energy projected from their euphoric audience in a way that high powers their performance but drains energy at the same time.  

At the end of a match or show, performers can be buzzing for many, many hours after the event, but thoroughly exhausted at the same time, which is why many use alcohol and drugs to come down.  Learning to Project White Energies back to an audience and locating some good Relaxation Techniques are healthier ways to come down. 

Orange Energy explodes the body into adrenalin and other feel good chemicals, which are as addictive and potentially destructive to our health as any other form of man created intoxication.  What goes up, and up, and up!  must eventually "come down", where the recipient experiences a huge sense of loss, which lands as a confusing depression as the body balances.  Too much adrenalin is also deadly to the heart!

Absentee Effects of Energy  

In Quantum Mechanics,  energy like light and sound, are frequencies that are considered to travel infinitely, increasing in amplitude the further distance they travel.  My father was a radar man who worked at the Woomera Rocket range at the time of the first Moon Walk.  He was adamant that humans were polluting the universe with our radio waves.  He built a Crystal Radio set for me when a child, this radio ran only on the power of crystals, no battery or electricity was used or needed.  I would listen to Radio Caroline, a pirate rock and roll ship that was operating from the waters of Isle Of Man, approximately 150 kilometers from my Welsh home.  

Romantic Lovers can be half way across the planet from each other but can still feel their connected energies.  This is explains why Absentee Healing is as effective as touch healing.

Adulation Energy projected by Fans towards all celebrities, keeps their auras topped up, particularly now that Fans have access to the Internet to be closer to the action.  Again there is a feeling of loss and worthlessness when the energies stop. 

You can reach your own aha moments around this information.

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