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Intuitive Technologies

Our Connection To The Quantum

An Intelligence That Affects All Things Within Our Universe

Introduction to Intuitive Technologies
Part 2
Article By Pauline Douglas Inner Quest

 Intuitive Technologies 

 Our Connection To The Quantum 

Science tells us that the entire Universe boils down to two factual states of existence  - Nothing (Space) and Agitated Nothing (Matter). 

So if this is the truth, we in our carbon and kinetic energy forms, are just agitated matter. 

We are merely a vibration and frequency - nothing less, nothing more.

Looking at the truth is challenging because it makes us, and our various life issues quite insignificant. 

But it also makes us part of something much greater and those who put in the time awakening their dormant intuition will find themselves tapping into an astonishing intelligence that goes far beyond our intellectual comprehension.

 Intuition - The Juice 

Intuition as we commonly understand it, touches all of us at some point in our life. This "inkling" lands as an unexplained gut feeling or hunch about a person or circumstance, and often for no good intellectual reason can be the cause of a change of heart or direction.

Intuition is that extra sensory part of us that is connected to our instinctive self, the same survival mechanism used by the animal kingdom to survive.

Our instinctive self is steered by our "unconscious" and "subconscious" minds, the same entity that unerringly drives the mechanics of our mind and body.

As we pass through our daily life, we rarely give a thought to the massive daily replenishment of the trillions of cells that make up our body. Neither are we aware of the hearts faithful work, to swirl an entire blood system several times, throughout a network of veins and arteries, in a matter of only minutes.  

All that we take into our mind and body has metaphysical cause and effect on our general well-being.


Humans were set apart from the animal kingdom by possessing, what is commonly termed as consciousness.  This unique mind gift was divided into three natural sophisticated capabilities, the intellect, the conscience (intuition) and creativity. 

Consciousness intended that we could think abstractly or profoundly, possess an inner source of moral or ethical judgment and have the supremacy to create.   

 The universe is constructed of vibration, frequency and dimension. 

Animals conduct their lives mostly by Intuition.

Animals are perceptive to the vibrating energy of the land, the weather, the heavens and the intentions of other animals. They rely on their senses in such a way that they can "smell" danger, "feel" safety and "sense" fear.

Humans are instinctive too, but over the last several thousand years, particularly in the Western World, we have moved into our heads, suppressing our intuitive selves, preferring instead to conduct our lives mostly through the intellect.

With the onset of the technological age, we came to understand that all matter was molecular in structure, thereby having vibration and frequency. We learned that even the most finite frequencies such as light and sound were broadcast infinitely.

Thus, being so, it became comprehendible that every thought or emotion experienced could alter the density of our body, to in turn modify the finite frequencies that we emit outwardly.

 Modern Day Intuitive Practitioners 

It is these same frequencies that we pick up "intuitively" when we feel good or bad about an individual or situation. Suppressed memories triggered by present day events can suddenly bring on feelings and emotions, ranging from trust to  terror .

Many of these intuitive (aka psychic) phenomena are well documented and utilized in mainstream self-improvement and healing modalities. For example, Neurolinguistics, Auto-suggestive and Body Language Programs that have been well accepted since the 1960's.

Natural Health Practitioners began to emerge in the 1960’s and their once highly mocked practices are now taken for granted as powerful healing. The re-emergence of ancient metaphysical technologies such as Magnetic Healing (Prana, Chi, Reiki), Breath Work and other Psychic Healing practices, all tap into these universal frequencies. Therapies range from Herbal Medicine, Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractic and many other remarkable mind and body therapies.

Faith Healing (like Placebo's) are an unashamed manipulation of a person’s belief system.   Faith Healing is not as effective on conscious individuals, mainly because they rarely become seriously ill!

Let's now move even deeper into Metaphysical Intuition to understand and experience an ancient technology that has resurfaced several times, in the past 4 decades. 

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