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Intuitive Technologies

Waking Up

To The Illusion

Introduction to Intuitive Technologies
Part 1
Article By Pauline Douglas Inner Quest

 Intuitive Technologies 

  Waking Up To The Illusion   

So!  Just How Brain Washed Are We?

Participating in modern civilization tends to compel us towards a set of people, beliefs and rules that we are comfortable to align with.

We might choose a Religious, Business or Graduation faction to hang our self-concepts upon. It could be our home, work or profession that dictates the "us" that we view in the mirror each day.

Some find themselves drawn into worlds of Poverty, Criminal Elements, Addiction, Survivor Groups and even Terrorist Movements, wondering how they ever got there.  Many of us even capture parts of our reality from the television, newspapers and fashion!   Humans tend to group with others who have the same belief systems, to make them real!

 None of our relationships in life are an accident! 

Most of us believe that relationships are meant to make us happy, but from an intuitive perspective, relationships and situations are intended to teach us about our-self.  Many of us are never aware of the personal power we give away each day of our life, handing over our belief structures to outer circumstances.

 Intuition affects all of us, every day of our lives. 

Intuition is an instinctive intelligence that is far smarter than our trained intellect and plays a bigger role in the condition of our health, wealth and relationships, than most of us realize.

Our intuition talks to us through our emotions and feelings, whereas our intellect is driven by our learning, perceptions and beliefs.

Awakening intuition is the process of identifying and clearing out all the misconstrued perceptions and limiting belief systems that hold us back from achieving our true potential in health, wealth and relationships.

 We use our intellect to shut down intuitive messages. 

The modern world still has a low tolerance of feelings and emotions. We tend to admire those who can contain their feelings and toss off those who can't.

As a result, we are more inclined to either completely ignore our intuitive messages or attempt to drive through our fears and lack of confidences by manipulating our psyche through autosuggestion, affirmation or motivational programming.

This can be likened to applying an expensive enamel paint to an already rusted surface.

 Ignoring Intuition is like stepping through a Mine Field wearing a Blindfold. 

A good example of how we can use our intellect to sabotage our intuition might be staying a wrong relationship or job. Our emotions and feelings will make us unhappy, even unwell, but our intellect gives us the reasons to persevere the suffering ... "You've got to pay the bills", "You're not good enough to make the change" or even "Nobody will want me."

It is only a matter of time when our life's illusions will suddenly explode, shattering our reality into a thousand tiny fragments, resulting in an ailing body, a confused mind and damaged spirit.

Intuitive Technologies, which are woven into Inner Quest articles and programs, work by developing our "Instinctive" or "Intuitive" self, through powerful, life-changing Psycho-Dynamics.

We learn to overcome situations that make us unhappy, unwell, angry, blameful, fearful, resentful and bitter. We learn how every known negative emotion can be eliminated by understanding its roots and taking conscious action.

We learn to hear the important messages of our intuition, to discover how we can become more powerful in all aspects of our existence.

 Advanced Intuitive Technologies are based on ancient knowledge that has resurfaced into a series of modalities corroborated by modern day scientific minds 

Advanced Intuition is where we open to the vibration of all things and how this invisible element can impact our health and well-being.

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