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Pauline Douglas

Inner Quest


Future Projects

The Inner Quest Website was woken after a 9-year sleep to support readers who are passing through the Corona Virus Crisis. 

Contents are informative, inspiring and offer good techniques to bring peace of mind.  It is also an ideal opportunity to understand and benefit from higher awareness concepts for when life begins again.

Currently Working On:

Program:  The Rose Technique

An Introduction to Intuitive Healing

Stephen Rose was an extraordinary Healer who resided in Townsville Queensland, up until his death in 2002.

An advanced Master of Magnetic Healing and Breath Work, Stephen studied and documented the processes of energies and devised his results into a series of simple but highly effective modalities.  I promised that I would one day make his work public, and now that we have the Corona Virus, I have the time to do this.

Article:   Transmuted Sexual Energy

Discusses how to channel Orange Sexual Energy into High Powered Achievement.

Suggested Reading

My favorite work is Do You Voodoo, a wonderful little program that will help everybody move beyond worry and anxiety into positive energy projection.

Don't forget that most browsers now permit you to read pages aloud.