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Affirmation The Power of Positive Self-Talk and Autosuggestion


The Power of Positive Self-Talk and Autosuggestion.

by Pauline Douglas 

We hypnotize ourselves each day of our lives with our thoughts and self talk, but is it for winning or losing?

Now Repeat After Me!

An affirmation is a repeated statement that is either spoken aloud, thought or written down. Affirmations can dramatically alter the direction of our life through the programming of our beliefs, self-talk and self concepts.

We use self-talk affirmations all the time in our heads, but unfortunately mostly negative ones. e.g.

  • "I can't ..."; 
  • "I feel so guilty ...";
  • "I never have enough ...";
  • "I hate ..."; and so on.

Humans are self programming robots! We do as we think ... affirmations are our instructions.

Do you use negative affirmations like "I can't afford it", "I feel ill" or "I'm hopeless with money"?

Do you utter "Oh No! I'm fat!" to yourself each time you look in the mirror?

Negative Affirmations are just as Powerful as Positive Affirmations.

Power begins when modify our self-talk from the negative to the positive, deliberately and repetitively.

The New Mind Practice

To choose the best affirmations we must firstly get in touch with EXACTLY what it is we want ... Success, Love, Acknowledgment? What does that look like to you? Weight Loss, Money, A Relationship, Forgiveness?

The next important step is to establish what obstacles prevent your desire from being a reality now.

Say for example you desired a new car! What holds you back from having one right now? Money? What "self talk" holds you back from having money? Opportunities? Skills? Do you believe you are lazy, too ill, a poor financial manager or simply don't deserve money?

We begin by creating affirmations that boldly and emotionally state what we want as though we have the goal right now ... for example.

  •  I have $ ............ in my bank right now.
  •  I am worthy of receiving all that I desire.
  •  I am respected and admired by everybody I meet
  •  I have an abundance of energy and fitness right now.
  •  I am feeling healthier every day.
  •  I weigh right now.

As we write or speak our affirmations, we encourage our mind to visualize the goal as though we have it already.

Affirmations help us to achieve great things in our work; have wonderful relationships; forgive ourselves; become healthy; forgive others; build confidence; release old habits and create new ones.

A powerful way to use affirmations is to listen to them recorded in your own voice with added emotion.

As the subconscious tends to be be more empowered by the emotions and feelings of what you want that the item itself, add some seriously enticing feelings and emotional words to your recording,  adding as much information about your desire as you can .. for example:

Replace "I have lost 20 pounds for Christmas" with:

"I can feel those pounds lifting every day for my new sleek, fantastic body which will be a hit for Christmas, I am enjoying my swimming and dancing exercise of 60 minutes each day knowing it is burning kilojoules every second."

Replace " I now have a gorgeous new relationship" with:

" I now have a stunning new partner, articulate, interesting and working in a good Job.  Beautiful eyes, good teeth, divine kisser, loves dining and dancing, never flirts with opposite sex in my space,  etc., etc"  The better you make this leaving NOTHING out, the closer to the mark you will get.

Record as many Affirmations as you like.   For the best results, affirmations should be listened to at least twice a day for twenty-one (21) consecutive days in an uninterrupted environment.

It has been suggested the BEST time to listen to autosuggestion is when you are in "Alpha", i.e. the highly relaxed state which occurs just before sleep. This is also the meditation state.  

Affirmations must be achievable and honest!

If your goal cannot bring you happiness, love and freedom, don't even bother with affirming ... because your unconscious self will know better. Make your goals realistic to now and you will be able to upgrade as your goals become achievements!

What you focus upon grows!

Do not be concerned about "how" the goal will be achieved, only be concerned to have the desire and to be able to "see" the end result in your minds eye.  Your unconscious will go to work for you in a way that will amaze you!

Consider your affirmations as important as brushing your teeth.