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Power and Danger of Belief Systems

The Power and Danger of Belief Systems

The Power and Danger

  of Belief Systems

An essay about belief systems.
by Pauline Douglas

Belief Systems' play an important role in our lives.

If we do not believe we can do something - then we won't.

If we believe that we can - then we will!

We take on belief systems in everything we feel, say or do, so in reality our whole self-concept is just a belief system.

If you believe you are happy you will be happy,
If you believe you are sad you will be sad.
If you believe a neighbor is bad in your world they will occur as such.

Belief systems don't get there by accident.

Just like a robot or computer, we pick up our programming through our experiences and what we are told ... which isn't always the truth. Sometimes we fail to look at our beliefs objectively to see if they make any sense or are harmful ...

We tend to group with others who share our belief systems to make them real.

When we are blinded by our belief systems we are said to be brainwashed.

A belief system is something that can be nurtured and trained with a diet of positive, uplifting and strengthening data. On the other hand, we can unwittingly allow ourselves to be drawn into the negative beliefs of others, causing harm to ourselves and those around us.

The sceptic and pious believer are on opposite ends of the same spectrum, they are both blinded by their belief systems.

When you take charge of your belief systems, you open up to a higher level of awareness that we call "Consciousness."

The Conscious Achiever uses ... but is never blinded, by belief.

Think about it,