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Sheep Factors

Sheep Factors Interdependence and Mob Dynamics

Sheep Factors

An Article About Interdependence

by Pauline Douglas

Bring together a group of unseasoned decision makers into forum to make a collective decision on a subject and observe the dynamics.

The Mob Has Many Heads But No Brains

Leaders and leaders-of-the-opposition materialize. Group opinion ebbs back and forth like a wave between the most vocal. Other participants appear to lose their individual identities and swing with majority instead of voicing their own views.

They have allowed themselves to become sheep.

When Sheep Factors become a Mob Dynamic frightening scenarios can result, such as persecution or even genocide. We must question, at what point does a soldier doing his perceived duty make him responsible for a Mob Dynamic?

Sheep Factors come about from the need to "look good" and be accepted in the group.

Sheep FactorsThe prospect of disagreeing with the Group Dynamic would take an individual out of their comfort zone. Opposing majority opinion may be subject to disagreement, ridicule even execution.

Much better to "sit on the fence" ... "not rock the boat" and go along with the flock.

Sheep Factors are everywhere - in Training Rooms, Committees, Clubs, Organisations, Industries, Schools, Communities, Governments, even our friends and family circles.

Sheep Factors state, "That's how we've always done it ..." or "They said so - so it must be true ..." or "If you don't think this way - you’re not one of us ..." 

To what cost do we participate in Sheep Factors?

We could take on the harmful beliefs and opinions of an individual or group, to unwittingly become a part of a Mob Dynamic. We may find ourselves partaking in character assassinations of people we do not even know by taking on the judgmental opinions and gossip of others.

Do You Believe Everything You Hear?  

Stepping beyond Sheep Factors provides us with the opportunity to build the vital quality of "Interdependence"  essential to personal power!  We can hold our opinions back until we have personally accessed the facts, instead of believing the daily news, what we read in social media or what Aunt Mary said.

Great achievers changed the course of Humanity by challenging the 'Group Think' to invent new ways and ideas.

Venturing out of your comfort zone to become an Unbiased Leader and encouraging others to do the same, will not only enhance your Leadership qualities but will bring integrity to the Group.

Well ... Think about it!