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Pauline Douglas

Inner Quest


Metaphysical Intelligence

Advanced Metaphysical Tools

Stop to experience a metaphysical moment by doing the following exercise.

"Close your eyes and think of two contrasting circumstances of your life, one that you adore and another that you intensely dislike."

Think about each issue in turn and as you do, turn your attention to what occurs in your body, particularly observe your emotions, your feelings, and other areas of bodily sensations.

If you became aware of the changes within your body, you had what we call a "metaphysical", or "intuitive" experience, simply by "observing" your primeval reaction.

This demonstrates how our beliefs affect our feelings and emotions and produces our unconscious reactions.

Recall the last time you could have "cut the air with a knife" with a sulker or felt "completely stupid" around a person who treated you as such. How about a person who didn't trust you, for no good reason at all? Can you recall how you "felt" on the end of this kind of transmission?

Unconscious, dominating and condemning thoughts are not only intuitively broadcast to a recipient but impacts upon our own bodies in an equal to greater force.

Functioning in a Belief Mad Society.

Every time we entertain a negative emotion or thought, such as condemnation, distrust, fear, blame, superiority, pity, expectation, worry or need, we not only give away our personal power, but we also alter the density of our own body, in such a way that it can create disease, illness and malfunction.

That is why the "Intuitive Healer" can ask you about your aches, pains or illness and can tell you what is probably occurring in your life. As most of these issues are universal to all human beings, we really do not need to summon any hocus pocus!

Every person who seeks a harmonious and pain free existence can benefit by understanding intuition and intuitive technologies. When humans combine their special abilities of intellect, creativity and conscience with their intuition, they open themselves up to a new intelligence that could be depicted as paranormal.

Unconscious peoples' lives remain filled with pain, suffering and fear.

Information OverloadOur speedy technological world transmits multiple emotional messages though film, television, newspapers and books, at a speed so rapid, we are not consciously aware of the subliminal messages being packed into our subconscious.

Most of us are dealing with information overload and fail to consciously filter out much of the mush that is making its way into our "machine".

It does explain however why we are becoming a more intuitive society, and why we need to take stock and notice how much of that is negative!

Awakening intuition and combining it with the sophistication of our human consciousness, we can attain the highest level of personal awareness, with results that can only be described as "out of this world".

A good place to start (or refresh your existing knowledge) is in the free online program "The Seven Factors of Achievement".

Well that's it!

I am most grateful for your interest and appreciation, I hope you gain as much from this knowledge I have.

Wishing you every success in life.