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Pauline Douglas

Inner Quest

Do You Voodoo?  A Program About Negative Intuition
Do You Voodoo?
A Program About Negative Intuition.

How negative thoughts and expression cause harm to the self and to others.

By Pauline Douglas

The Psychology of Negative Intuition

I once considered developing a correspondence course on how to cast Evil Spells and mete out catastrophe upon absentee opponents, to demonstrate the power of negative intuition, but … then I thought "heavens, what's the point!"

With all due respect to the genuine Voodoo practitioners, we in the modern western world are by far the greater masters of Negative Intuition, much more so than any of those who might stick pins into candle wax dolls…

Intuition as we commonly understand it, touches all of us at some point in our life. This "inkling" arrives as an inexplicable gut feeling or hunch about a person or situation, and often for no good intellectual reason can be the cause of a change of heart or direction.

Intuition is that extra sensory part of us that is connected to our instinctive self, the same survival mechanism used by the animal kingdom to survive. Our instinctive self is steered by our unconscious, the same entity that unerringly drives the mechanics of our body.

As we pass through our daily life we rarely give a thought to the massive daily replenishment of the trillions of cells that make up our body. Neither are we aware of the hearts faithful work, to swirl an entire blood system several times, throughout a network of veins and arteries, in a matter of only minutes.

Humans were set apart from the animal kingdom by possessing, what is commonly termed as consciousness. This unique mind gift was divided into three sophisticated capabilities, the intellect, the conscience and creativity.

Consciousness intended that we have the ability to think abstractly or profoundly, possess an inner source of moral or ethical judgment, and have the supremacy to create.
Dogs may appear to feel guilty
By contrast the family dog may appear to feel guilty, but he couldn't give a hoot about the environment or a Van Gogh.

Animals are perceptive to the vibrating energy of the land, the weather, the heavens and the intentions of other animals. They rely on their senses in such a way that they can "smell" danger, "feel" safety and "sense" other animals fear.

Humans are instinctive too, but over the last several thousand years, particularly in the Western world, we have moved into our heads, quashing our intuitive selves, preferring instead to conduct our lives mostly through the intellect.

Intelligence or Intelligently Disadvantaged?

With the onset of the technological age, we came to understand that all matter was molecular in structure, thereby having vibration and frequency. We learned that even the most finite frequencies such as light and sound were broadcast infinitely.

Thus being so, it became understandable that every thought or emotion experienced would alter the density of our body to in turn modify the frequencies that we emit.

It is these same frequencies that we pick up "intuitively" when we don't "feel" right about another individual, or what might be occurring in the space around us.


Journal Time

1.  Intuition Exercise
Bring to mind to a handful of people you know, or have known, who were able to make you feel wonderful or dreadful without uttering a word.  Can you identify how they did this?  Journal your thoughts.

2.  Intentional Body Awareness.  
Go to a quiet room and lie down if possible, close your eyes and move your awareness and senses around your body.  Starting with each toe on the left foot, track awareness to the foot, the knee, the full leg and continue until you have covered all major parts of your body to arrive at the toes on the right foot.   Which body parts could you feel easily, which parts were harder.  Did you feel any unconscious body re-actions. For example, could you feel your heart beating, blood flowing, any itching or your breath inhaling.  Journal your results.

Happy and Sad3.  Intentional Body Awareness
Choose two life circumstances (can be animal, vegetable or mineral) one that disgusts you and another that you elatedly adore.   Bring your awareness to each circumstance in singular turn and drop your awareness to your body.  Did you have any pleasant or uncomfortable body sensations?  How about your feelings and emotions.  Journal your Experience.

4. Negative Intuition Awareness. 
You will need at least one (willing) person to help you with this exercise, it is a great (sober!) party activity too. Have some paper and pens around, so participants can jot down their experiences.    

To keep the integrity of this exercise, participants should NOT tell each other their experiences until the game is complete.  

Energy Projection ExerciseStand opposite each other, if a group is participating have the group work together and take turns to be the individual.

a. Ask one side to project a kind, happy and loving thought towards the receiving side.  What did you all feel? Jot down for later discussion.

b. Ask the same side to now project a mean, unkind and hateful thought towards the receiver.  What did you all feel? Jot down for later discussion.

c. Now ask the same side to again project a kind, happy and loving thought towards the receiver, but this time, the receiver will project back a mean, unkind and hateful thought back.  What did you all feel? Jot down for later discussion.

d. Once again ask the sending side to again project a mean, unkind and hateful thought towards the receiver, but this time, the receiver will project back a kind, happy and loving thought back.  What did you all feel? Jot down for later discussion.

When the game is over compare notes. 

5. Negative Intuition Awareness.  How will you now use this knowledge for future relationships?    Journal your thoughts.

Let us now move to the second part of this program to Do You Voodoo 2..