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Pauline Douglas

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Shedding the Veils of IllusionPERCEPTION

Shedding The Veils Of Illusion

3rd Factor of Achievement

Most modern humans do not actually possess "self-perception", in fact the majority of self-concepts are based upon the comparison and approval of other human beings.

Establishing Just How Brainwashed We Really Are.

Perception is the movie screen of our life, more commonly referred to as our "reality", "beliefs" or "values".  Perception is something that we made up as a result of our life experiences and it can be our greatest ally, or biggest demise. Perception operates on three levels:  "How we perceive our self",  "How we perceive our world" and  "How we are perceived by others".

The Subconscious Cannot Tell The Difference Between a Real or Imagined Experience.

Reality Check AheadThe only difference between the billionaire and park dweller is self perception. Both are human beings with conscious and unconscious elements operating in their lives that have determined their differing existences.

We are merely computers that have had our realities programmed into our subconscious from birth. The subconscious mind is a slave that diligently records, stores and feeds back perceptions to our conscious and unconscious minds.  The subconscious cannot tell the difference between a real or imagined experience.

What's more, we tend to place ourselves in situations and environments that confirm our realities, so we find ourselves among people who think, dress and behave the same way as we do.

We feel distinctly uncomfortable and distrusting of those who have different realities to our own  ... that is, until we become aware of our misconceived perceptions.

Understanding Perception is recognizing that we and only we, should be in control of our self concepts and realities. We can wake up to our every day brainwashing and literally recreate our realities and self perceptions.

Why Do People Refuse To Wake Up From Their Illusion?

The driving "Belief" system can be so strong, that not following the code could lead to punishment, rejection or even execution.

Waking up to our Conscious Self means waking up from false perceptions and belief systems.

Why do People Refuse to Wake Up From Their Illusion
Jack >  Bob  < Frank

This was Jane's third marriage.  

Jane had chosen Frank because he was totally different to the first two husbands.

Frank wasn't as handsome or smart as her first husband Jack, but she was pleased because she didn't have to keep looking over her shoulder to see if some "gorgeous long legged tigress" was going to grab him when she wasn't looking.

Even though her first husband Jack had never actually been unfaithful, she had always been on guard, suspicious of his movements and uncomfortably jealous of any woman who spoke even two words to him.  Jack would become angry and defensive at her regular accusations and interrogations and gradually his interest dissipated.

Just as she "always knew", Jack ran off with another woman.

Frank wasn't as lazy and unkempt as her second husband Bob. Frank was certainly smarter and much more generous than Bob. Bob had never cleaned the house, cooked, made coffee and tea, washed the dishes like Jack or Frank did. Frank had never been aggressive and abusive like Bob (which is why that marriage had been a particularly short one.)

Frank was amazing really. Her friends were in awe of how he just did everything and couldn't understand why Jane was not happy in this relationship either.

"I feel so smothered!" Jane claimed. "I know Frank does all those things, but ... I feel I have no control on my life because he is always picking up after me. He makes me feel incompetent and lazy. Then, whenever we have a disagreement, he always throws all that he does for me up in my face like a martyr."

Like most of us, when Jane concluded that "this" type of relationship didn't work for her, she tried something different. Is it any wonder that so many marriages fail in this age of the Soap Opera?

Why They Don't Make Us Happy

Relying upon other people and material items for our self esteem, self worth and self perception is co-dependent and will always end up in disappointment.

A relationship should be used to teach us about ourselves, to improve ourselves and no other human being on this planet is responsible for our happiness.

Instilling Powerful Perceptions In Children

The Factor of Perception is vital to parents. We raise our children with the hope that we nourish and nurture their futures. The one single destroyer of a child's personality and future adult self esteem is the fostering of false and destructive self perceptions.


Journal Time

Perception Exercises.

Question 1:  Who or what am I attempting to be?

Question 2: Where and when did I collect the perceptions of myself? Were these sources true?

Question 3: What limitations have I set for myself as a result of my self concepts?

Question 4: What, who, or which group do I still permit, or rely upon, to alter my self perceptions and self worth, even if they don't know it? around:

(a) money
(b) relationships
(c) abilities

Question 5: What individuals and groups do I judge "a certain way" for their characteristics and who would judge me in the same fashion.

Let us now move to the Fourth Factor of Achievement: EMOTIONAL STRENGTH