The 7th Factor of ​​Achievement

The Obliteration of Belief Systems
It's All an Illusion
So We Might As Well Make It A Good On​e!

The Seventh Factor of Achievement


The Quantum Mechanics of Life.

Participating in modern civilization tends to compel us towards a set of people, beliefs and rules that we are comfortable to align with.

We might choose a Religious, Business or Graduation faction to hang our self-concepts upon.  It could be our home, work or profession that dictates the "us" that we view in the mirror each day.

Some find themselves drawn into worlds of Poverty, Criminal Elements, Illness, Addiction, Survivor Groups and Terrorist Movements, wondering how they ever got there.

Many of us capture parts of our reality from outer influences!

Humans tend to group with others who have the same belief systems, to make them real!

We were set apart from the rest of the animal kingdom by our intellect, the seat of our beliefs ... and, as a creative creature, most of our beliefs, including our self-concepts are a complete fabrication!

Giving Up Limiting Belief Systems

Intuition is an instinctive intelligence that is far smarter than our trained intellect and plays a bigger role in the condition of our health, wealth and relationships, than most of us realise.

Our intuition talks to us through our emotions and feelings, whereas our intellect is driven by our learning, perceptions and beliefs.

Awakening intuition is the process of identifying and clearing out all the misconstrued perceptions and limiting belief systems that hold us back from achieving our true potential in health, wealth and relationships.

Our Intellect Shuts Down Intuition

We have learned through this program how modern humans have a low tolerance of feelings and emotions. We tend to admire those who can contain their feelings and toss off those who can't.

As a result, we are more inclined to either completely ignore our intuitive messages and attempt to drive through our feelings and emotions, by manipulating our psyche through autosuggestion, affirmation or motivational programming.

This can be likened to applying an expensive enamel paint to an already rusted surface.

Shutting down Intuition is like navigating a mine field with a blindfold.  It is only a matter of time when our life's illusions will suddenly explode, shattering our reality into a thousand tiny fragments, resulting in an ailing body, a confused mind and damaged spirit.

Working with Gut Instinct.

Intuition as we commonly understand it, touches all of us at some point in our life. This "inkling" lands as an inexplicable gut feeling or hunch about a person or circumstance and often for no good intellectual reason can be the cause of a change of decision or direction.

Intuition is that extra sensory part of us that is connected to our instinctive self, the same survival mechanism used by the animal kingdom to survive. Our instinctive self is steered by our "unconscious" and "subconscious" minds, the same entity that unerringly drives the mechanics of our mind and body.

As we pass through our daily life, we rarely give a thought to the massive daily replenishment of the millions of cells that make up our body. Neither are we aware of the hearts faithful work, to swirl an entire blood system several times, throughout a network of veins and arteries, in a matter of only minutes.  

All that we take into our mind and body has a metaphysical cause and effect on our general well-being.

Humans were set apart from the animal kingdom by possessing, what is commonly termed as Consciousness. This unique mind gift was divided into three natural sophisticated capabilities, the Intellect (conscious awareness), the Conscience (intuition) and Creativity.

Consciousness intended that we could think abstractly or profoundly, possess an inner source of moral or ethical judgment and have the supremacy to create.

Vibration, Frequency and Dimension.

Animals are perceptive to vibrating energies of the land, the weather, the heavens and the intentions of other animals. They rely on their senses in such a way that they can "feel" danger, "sense" safety and "smell" fear.

Humans are instinctive too, but over the last several thousand years, particularly in the western world, we have moved into our heads, suppressing our intuitive selves, preferring instead to conduct our lives mostly through the Intellect.

With the onset of the scientific age, we came to understand that all matter was molecular in structure, thereby having vibration and frequency. We learned that even the most finite frequencies such as light and sound were broadcast infinitely.

Thus, being so, we could now comprehend that every thought or emotion could alter the density of our body, to in turn modify the frequencies that we emitted.

It is these same frequencies that we pick up "intuitively" when we feel good or bad about an individual or situation. Suppressed memories triggered by present day events can suddenly bring on feelings and emotions, ranging from terror to trust, that can be messages from our past.

Functioning in a Belief Mad Society.

Intuition talks through Emotions and FeelingsEvery time we entertain a negative emotion or thought, such as condemnation, distrust, fear, blame, superiority, pity, expectation, worry or need, we are merely plugging in to a limiting belief system.  This not only erodes our personal power, but alters the density of our cellular structure, in such a way that it can create disease, illness and malfunction.

Unconscious humans' lives remain filled with unnecessary pain, anger, suffering and fear.

Our speedy technological world transmits multiple emotional messages though film, television, newspapers and books, at a speed so rapid, we are not consciously aware of the subliminal messages being packed into our subconscious.   

Most of us are dealing with information overload and fail to consciously filter out much of the mush that is making its way into our "machine".  It does explain however why we are becoming a more intuitive society and why we need to take stock and notice how much of that is negative!

Awakening intuition and combining it with the sophistication of our human consciousness, we can attain the highest level of personal awareness, with results that can only be described as "out of this world".

The Universe ~ A Great Ball of Jelly

Everything within the Universe is connected for us, through mind, matter and space. Just like a Ball of Jelly, what we push into it, it will push back at us many times the velocity.

The Universal Currency is Appreciation

The amount of wealth and happiness a person possesses is in direct correlation to how much appreciation has been exchanged in their life, by one or many.

When we express fear and negativity, we reverse the abundance processes, attracting even more fear and negativity than we put out.  If we cast appreciation and trust into everything and everybody in our Universe, we can attract unimaginable miracles back to ourselves.

Appreciation Begets Appreciation

Money represents appreciation and it is a great tool for gathering abundance, because every dollar you spend with Trust and Appreciation will come back to you multiplied and multiplied.   

Good deeds and hard work also represent Appreciation. You will always attract Appreciation in direct correlation to how valued your actions are, to how many.

Which is the reason I place no charges or conditions on this material.

The very fact that you have reached this point is a sign that there has been something for you in this program and I feel deeply privileged to have maintained your attention.  

All that is left to say is, thank you for your appreciation and to wish you every success on your journey, because success is a journey, not a destination!

Journal Time

The Intuition Exercise.

And so, this brings us to the end of the Seven Factors of Achievement!

We now have just one more set of exercises to complete, which will assure all that you have accomplished becomes concrete in your life.

Intuition Exercises:

Question 1:   What do you now understand about the Laws of Attraction as a result of this program and what will you now put in place to attract that which you desire?

Question 2:   Revisit the 5 Goals that you entered into your journal at the commencement of this Program. Will you continue with these goals, or will you now modify them? If so, write down your new goals.  You can have as many you as you like, but choose one to be the Major Definite Purpose of Your Life

Question 3:   What obstacles (that you originally placed in your journal) have you now seen your way around as a result of this program, do any barriers still remain?

Question 4:   Who are you now?  Journal your reply.

Question 5:   What Negative Responses & Emotional Reactions have you now been able to move through. Are there any issues that still need work?

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