Pauline Douglas Inner Quest

Pauline Douglas Inne​​​​​r Quest

The Beginning

The 7 Factors of ​​Achievement

Thank you for choosing to participate in "The Seven Factors of Achievement", a compilation of the 7 key characteristics shared by the greatest achievers of our time. 

The 7 Factors of Achievement

The Beginning  

Achievement is Like Archery

Before we can aim our arrows, we must have targets. Before we can shoot arrows, we must have the bow!

Our present levels of achievement are in direct correlation to the goals we set for our life and the projectiles we put out into the world to attract success to ourself.

Achievement looks different to different people.

You may be on a quest to attract wealth, desiring success in your work, business and personal relationships. 

You may be a teacher, trainer or spiritual leader seeking to enhance your leadership role.

Perhaps you are a parent, professional carer or counselor desiring powerful interpersonal skills. 

You may work or live in highly stressful or tragic circumstances, suffering a loss, incarceration or illness and would simply like access to peace of mind and tranquility.

An Achiever is a person who seeks to be the very best they can be and the Seven Factors of Achievement was created for such people.

The Seven Factors of Achievement is a process of self-discovery and the understanding of what it takes to develop powerful relationships with yourself and other people ... the "juice" of achievement. The Seven Factors also provides powerful tools to establish focused achievement targets and ways to upgrade your present levels of personal magnetism.

It also introduces an elementary way of thinking and viewing your world.

The Journal of Ideas

All great achievers use a journal as a tool of success and throughout this program I shall call upon you to journal your thoughts and ideas. 

Journals act as thought transference for good and bad thoughts, making way for inspiration.

Make it your first success habit to spend 15-30 minutes each day with your journal to document your ideas and challenges. Carry your journal perhaps stored in your cell phone, (or a pocket-sized notepad for transfer into your journal later), ready for inspiration when it arises.

You will also be able to refer to your journal as we progress through this program, to witness just how powerful the Seven Factors of Achievement can be in your life.

No Charge for This Program

There is positively no charge for participating and there will be no unexpected requests at the end of the program. You will come to understand, as we progress, why I share the Seven Factors of Achievement freely and why you are also free to share this material non-commercially (honoring my copyright of course) with anybody you feel could also benefit from this knowledge.

Important:    Are you under care of a Professional Mental Health Practitioner? 

Conducting the Program Exercises will encourage you to visit your past, therefore feeling and emotions could be heightened and may produce anxiety.    It is recommended that you check in with your practitioner to gain their agreement, support and guidance if necessary. 

Journal Time

The Starting Point Questions

Before you commence, to gain maximum benefit from participating in the Seven Factors of Achievement,  firstly answer the following four questions (without rushing) and journal your replies.

The more time you put into this section, the more powerful the end result will be.

Question 1.

Write 5 major goals that you would like to achieve in your life.

Make these "tangible" and "realistic" achievement goals - e.g. if you desire an amount of money, state how much you desire, what for and by when. If you desire a relationship, detail the characteristics of that relationship i.e. with who, why and by when. If you desire to modify parts of yourself or your life, quantify these traits clearly, what the outcome to your life would be should these goals be achieved and a preferred time frame.

Question 2.

Note down the obstacles holding you back from achieving your goals right now.

Note down what you feel the barriers are that stand between you and your desires right now. e.g. you may believe you do not have the right knowledge or skills, you might be afraid of certain consequences or perhaps you feel that you are restricted by a relationship, illness or finances.   Write your obstacles in as much detail as you can.

Question 3.

Who are you? Use a mirror for this exercise if one is available.

Write down who you believe you are ... and the various roles that you play in your life right now. Perhaps you are employed, in business, parenting, or in partnership, who do you feel you are to these people? What personalities, skills and abilities do you have that you are pleased with? Do you think you are attractive? Write down why or why not. What is important to you? What are your values .. and what would you change about yourself and your life if it was possible?

Question 4.

What and/or who makes you angry, sad, happy, ecstatic or afraid?

Go back into your memory as far back as you can and then track all the people instances that come to mind, right up until today, that still bring up emotions, both good and bad, when you think about them.

Write down names and situations athat still makes you feel angry, sad, happy, ecstatic or afraid.

Thank you for answering the above questions, let us now proceed to the First Factor of Achievement - COMPLETION  

Every success!

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