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A Program About Positive Intuition

How positive thoughts, feelings and ​energies empower yourself and those around you.

Section 2.
By Pauline Douglas Inner Quest

A Program About Positive Intuition   

   Do You Voodoo?       

  Section 2   

 And the Winner is:  Love?! 

If you conducted the exercises outlined in the first part of this program, you and other participants likely realized that these were not your first Intuitive experiences.  

They are occurring around and within us all the time.  

If you experienced the profound changes within your body as you conducted the exercises, even only slightly, you had what we call a Metaphysical "Intuitive" Experience, simply by "observing" your primeval reaction.

You may also have experienced the strength and drain of Negative Energy and how it was stopped in its tracks by the projection of Positive Energy. 

 The White Energy 

White Energy (also known as White Light, Spirit, Prana, etc.) is considered to be the stuff that we project when we are in a Positive State, i.e. the positive energy of pure love (not to be confused with the orange energies of sexual love!)

 In Quantum Physics, scientists consider that the Universe is made up of two states,  "nothing" and "agitated nothing" (matter).  They admit that they do not know a great deal about "nothing" yet, but they do agree that it is not really nothing, but a powerful source of something, that is way beyond their comprehension at this time. 

White Energy is considered to be the most finite energy and the frequency of unconditional love.

During the exercises you may have experienced how Projecting Love (or the White Energy) to another person or group completely disarmed their negative projections.

 White Energy is the Frequency of Love and Healing. 

Remember the last time you could have "cut the air with a knife" around a moody individual or felt "completely stupid" around a person who treated you as such.  How about a person who didn't trust you, for no good reason at all?  Can you recall how you "felt" on the end of this kind of transmission?

All dominating and condemning thoughts are intuitively broadcast to the recipient, near or far and you don't need wax dolls and pins to emit the harm.

 Gather a group of people together with the same objective of slander, gossip or ridicule and the result is merely Voodoo! 

What an effective weapon, are we not masters? ... but alas, there is a huge cost!

Negative Intuition impacts upon our own bodies in an equal to greater force than what is being projected.

Each time we entertain negative emotions or thoughts, such as condemnation, distrust, fear, blame, superiority, pity, expectation, worry or need, we also alter the density of our own body, in such a way that can create disease, illness, mental health issues and malfunction.

 Getting Plugged In 

Achievers who seek a harmonious and pain free existence can benefit by understanding negative intuition and taking charge of the unconscious occurrences that we absorb and broadcast every day of our life.

Our speedy technological world transmits multiple emotional messages though film, television, newspapers and books, at a speed so rapid we are not consciously aware of the subliminal messages being packed into our subconscious.

It does explain however why we are becoming a more intuitive society and why we need to take stock and notice how much of that is negative!

Embracing Intuition and combining it with the sophistication of our Human Consciousness, we can attain the highest level of personal awareness, with results that can only be described as "out of this world". 

There really is a better way, so do it sooner rather than later!

Journal Time

The Positive Intuition Exercises.

1.   Negative Intuition.   Where does this show up in your life, who (including yourself), what and where?

2.   Positive Projection  How will you now use this new technique to disarm the above.

3.   Form the Habit  For 21 days seek out Negative occurrences and practice Positive Projection.


We can experience difficulty sending Positive Projection to a person or group that we have not forgiven and this keeps us in a state of Negative Intuition. 

Even if the person or group does not deserve our forgiveness morally or legally, forgiveness should still be your major definite purpose, as it is you who is suffering.  There can be no healing without forgiveness.

Jenny Was An Abused Child

Jenny was a victim of domestic violence and mental cruelty from her father.  He beat her, her mother and siblings mercilessly and kept them in a permanent state of fear and misery for most if her childhood.  Jenny entered adulthood as an angry aggressive person as a result.  Jenny hated her father vehemently blaming him for her short comings until well into her forties. 

Jenny finally accessed forgiveness by understanding that her father had been seriously mentally ill, a victim himself of war time cruelty which altered his personality.  She recalled instances of witnessing his deep regret and self hatred for his actions and gradually opened her heart in forgiveness.

Jenny also used the technique of 21 Day Positive Projection to her now deceased father by imagining him immersed in a bubble of white energy.

There is a more indepth article on this site about Accessing Forgiveness.

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