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Pauline Douglas

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Emotional Relationship Dynamics

Emotional Relationship Dynamics

   Relationship Dynamics

Introduction to Intuitive Technologies

By Pauline Douglas

Unplug ~ Defrag

Emotional Relationship Dynamics
is an introduction to Intuitive Technologies,  techniques that help us be more powerful in relationships.  Program also introduces simple and effective ways to manage stress and how to achieve what we desire.

Better Health and Relationships

You may have heard good things about Intuitive Technologies from others who discovered how feelings and emotions play a much larger role in our life than most of us realize.

In this Personal Seminar you will learn how to dismantle unwanted emotions and feelings to become less reactive to the challenges of life. You will also discover how other people and situations can unwittingly trigger some of our  feelings and emotions and how we can rid of the discomfort.

This Program is perfect for taking charge of some nuisance habits, behaviors and thoughts, to bring peace of mind and ascertain what holds you back from your full potential.

The 10 DominatorsMeet the 10 Personalities that literally suck our energy away and learn effective techniques to manage them. Discover what it means to possess a magnetic personality that attracts instead of repels.

> Learn what may be holding you and those special people in your life back from a happy and abundant life.

> Identify the reasons why you feel trust and confidence with some, yet fear or annoyance with others.

> Discover why emotional support can seem abundant when we are "up" and suddenly vanishes when we are "down".

Understand why humans appear to be in a constant state of conflict ... and why we get "plugged in" to it at all.

Emotional Relationship Dynamics incorporates a series of simple, yet very powerful emotional management tools, that literally explodes some of the more common myths around emotions, such as "The Positive Mental Attitude" "Tall Poppy Syndrome" and "Competition".

If you are truly committed to awakening to Consciousness, this program is a great place to start.

Important: Are you under care of a Professional Mental Health Practitioner? 
Conducting this Program will encourage you to visit your past, therefore feeling and emotions could be heightened and may produce moments of anxiety.  It is recommended that you check in with your Practitioner before you commence the Program to gain their agreement, support and guidance if necessary, I would be delighted to speak to your supporter if this can help.  I have been at the mercy of anxiety all my life - I totally get it.  :-)

Even though bungy jumping is scarier than this program, Participants will be required to sign a Waiver of Responsibility.

7 hour Program conducted over one to two days
Public Seminars Only
Not Suited to In-house
Participants  ~ Minimum 10 Maximum 30