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Pauline Douglas

Inner Quest


The Personality Game

The Personality Game
.The Personality Game.
All the World is a Stage ...
and you are the Star!  

A fun Seminar for boosting confidence, improving communication skills and releasing the "Star Quality" within.

Time to Shake Up and Sizzle for Stardom!

The Personality Game is about revealing the personality that benefits ALL relationships, be they Business, Personal or Leadership.

The Personality Game combines the success secrets of The Stars with the confidence building essences of Emotional Relationship Dynamics. 

You will be venturing onto Set where you will be auditioned, choreographed, filmed and receive accolades, just like the top theater and film Stars.

Shaking Off Restraints is Outrageous Fun!

The Personality GameThe Personality Games introduces styles of Verbal and Physical Communication that can move us towards, or hold us back from achievement.

The Personality Games also introduces Psycho-dynamics to discover how personalities are formed and the ways our thoughts, feelings and behaviors can affect our level of courage and relationships.

It takes guts to stand out or be different and even more courage to be powerful in relationships. 

Star Quality

"It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it".

If you truly desire to be successful in life, the relationship with yourself and others is paramount, because most opportunities in life are made possible by other people!

The Personality Game shows how simple it is to modify our own self concepts to impact the way others think, feel and behave around us.

Ultimately this Program is going to unleash the confidence and personality that you have always known lies dormant within your soul ready for action.

18 hour Program conducted over two to three days
Public and In-house Seminars
Participants  ~ Minimum 10 Maximum 30

Acknowledgement Co-Producer and Camera Woman The Late Jeannie Lightbrown (Chapman)
Parts of this program are acknowledged to Jeannie and her Book "So You Want to Be in Film and Television".  Jeannie was involved in the Australian Film and Television industry as a camera woman, professional extra, producer and casting agent for over 31 years. In that time she helped to train and cast thousands of Extra's, Actors, Producers, Directors and Key Performers. Having worked on literally hundreds of local and international productions here in Australia, Jeannie worked alongside scores of internationally famous stars.