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Pauline Douglas

Inner Quest


Awakening Intuition

Advanced Intuitive Technologies
Seven Steps to
Awakening Intuition

Advanced Emotional Dynamics

With Pauline Douglas

Awaken INTUITION for Personal POWER  ...

Conscious Awakening

Advanced Relationship DynamicsHuman beings are like no other animal on this Earth. We were designed with a creative intellect, a conscious awareness and a decisive conscience, yet most of us misuse these fundamental abilities.

Our Intuition works on our behalf twenty four hours a day, yet most of us are unaware of its impact upon our communication and health.

Understanding our Intuitive Self gives us the ultimate power over our lives, affords unprecedented health and produces an unimaginable inner harmony...

The Seven Steps to Awakening Intuition is a program about Advanced Emotional Dynamics, and is available to those who are ready to awaken their Consciousness for life lasting results.

Not Another Belief System

Awakening Intuition is not the taking on of a new belief system, or a brainwashing into a new set of rules, no cults or religions are involved.

Intuition is that part of us that works beneath our awareness, that speaks to us through our feeling and emotions. When we learn to listen to those messages we gain an understanding that goes far beyond our existing human intelligence.

If you are ready to break down your fears of the unknown, to experience an unprecedented personal power, this program should not be missed.

Important: Are you under care of a Professional Mental Health Practitioner? 
Conducting this Program will encourage you to visit your past, therefore feelings and emotions will be heightened and will produce anxiety as we introduce alternative techniques for eliminating and the self management of anxiety.  It is recommended that you check in with your Practitioner before you commence the Program to gain their agreement, support and guidance if necessary.  Participants will be required to sign a Waiver of Responsibility to conduct this program.

Seminar Style: Self Realization Program

18 hour Program conducted over two to three days
Public Seminar Only
Not available Inhouse
Participants  ~ Minimum 10 Maximum 30
Includes Lunch and Morning/Afternoon Tea

This program contains advanced psycho-spiritual content and is available to those whom have firstly conducted Emotional Relationship Dynamics or an equivalent program.  Parts of this program can be emotionally confronting, so not suitable or available for in-house business programs.