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Breath Energy Meditation

Breath Work is the most mysterious yet powerful healing modality.. Extended breathing boosts oxygen to speed up blood flow, which in turn increases magnetism used by cells and neurons to communicate and do their job properly.   Breath Energy Meditation is an essential meditation for healers to learn channelling and boost their own chi energy for working with energies.   

Meditation is an ancient practice also known as "Breathing Through The Bones" 

Intuitive Awareness Meditation

Relaxing meditation for connecting and distributing kinetic energy to the cellular structure and neurons.   Introduces Psychic Sleep and Mind Expansion through White Energy.  Meditation re-develops a lost relationship between body energies and cells.  

Inner Child Meditation

Inner Child work is about releasing past trauma and hurt, most commonly experienced in childhood. The result can be a "healing of a memory" that releases many brakes and hidden personality traits affecting the present. 

The Forgiveness Meditation

Meditation guides through the processes of forgiving a betrayal (even if morally or legally not entitled) by connecting with the betrayers Inner Child.  Takes the meditator through an intuitive release of anger, hurt and blame for the betrayal.   

The Red BMW

How to use visualization and feelings to attract dreams and desires 

Caution:  Are you under the care of a therapist?

Self-hypnosis and mind meditations can sometimes produce anxiety and other adverse reactions in some participants, so please check with your support network to get the all clear before venturing in .

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